Boxing Day Football

After the joys of Christmas day all we want to do is relax on Boxing Day. The best way to do this of course is by sitting in front of the TV and watching the Boxing Day football. It’s tradition for any football fan and I know everyone at Globall will be doing the exact same. There is nothing better than watching your team win on Boxing Day; it’s the gift every football fan wants at Christmas.

There are always plenty of fixtures around the Christmas period but the Boxing Day game always has a different feel to it. Whether that’s because it is always accompanied by a sandwich filled with left over turkey from the day before, or just because everyone is still on the high from Christmas Day, it just feels special.

Now traditions have to start somewhere, the first Boxing Day fixtures wouldn’t have been thought to be a tradition and now look at it. Have you ever thought that you wanted your own special tradition on Boxing Day? Well this is where we come into play; you don’t get much more special than a glow in the dark football tradition!

You could gather your friends and family to have a game of UV football each year and make it a tradition for years to come, sharing laughs and having a little bit of friendly competition at the same time. It would definitely be something everyone would look forward to every year and a perfect way to round off the Christmas festivities.

It could be the beginning of something truly great…

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