The Globall Mission!

Here at Globall since our inception as a provider of unique experiences, we have been committed to the idea of people being active. According to a study, 75% of women are scared of working out due to their appearance when they are doing so, and we are delighted that our environments give people a chance to be confident in their abilities and not have a care in the world, while enjoying an experience they never forget. We are also delighted with our expansion throughout the North West since our first party, having moved into seven different venues in seven different cities, and we will not be slowing down in our pursuit to give more people the chance to experience this unique and exciting product! Our birthday parties are enjoyed by so many people and nothing beats the feeling of providing a glow in the dark experience and getting feedback that the participants loved it and want to come back!


The North West was where the football league was born, and six of the original participants in the league were from Lancashire (we operate in four cities where these teams are from, can you guess where?) and the sport continues to grow here and we are excited to be a part of what the future holds in a part of the country where football is a way of life and not only a sport. As the legendary Bill Shankly once said, football isn’t a matter of life and death, it’s more than that. And who knows, we could have had the next big English footballer through our doors enjoying a truly phenomenal glow in the dark experience.


The active love for football in a country where so much is going on negatively and the fact that it brings people together is also something that drives us here at Globall Sports, and seeing people loving something so much and getting brought together is fantastic with all the negativity in our world. Speaking of people getting brought together, at the weekend at our first Christmas party of the year, which was so much fun by the way, there were a few Everton and Liverpool kits scattered around the glow in the dark pitch. With the derby this weekend, we hope the players put on a good show and not light up the pitch for the wrong reasons like we have seen before. Globall are also excited for the Manchester Derby on the same day between Manchester City and United, on a weekend which provides us with some glowing fixtures, the football festive feast is well and truly upon us, and why not feast on some glow in the dark football yourself this Christmas to celebrate!

Liverpool vs Everton preview -