Keys to Success in Globall: Vision

We all know that a key skill of any creative player in football is the ability to pick that killer pass. Vision is what can set apart the good players from the truly great players.

Now the need for good vision increases tenfold when you move the beautiful game under UV lights. It’s hard enough to play that pinpoint pass that splits open the opposition defence, but when you throw playing in the dark into the equation, it becomes a whole lot harder.

You need to be able to spot a team mate, wearing either orange or yellow depending on which team you are on, and then be able to play the pass with enough precision that they are through on goal.












Now sometimes the great creative midfielders of today like Ozil and David Silva can’t play that final pass, in the sunshine. So you can imagine the difficulty of playing that final pass under UV lights for people like me and you, who don’t quite have to same skill as the greats of today.

This is what makes our experience like no other, it gives the game a level playing field, and so that any team can win or lose in the blink of an eye.