Old vs New

It’s an age old question of how the footballers of past generations would fair against the footballers of today. However once you throw playing in the dark into the mix, it becomes even harder to answer…

The answer in who would come out on top in a game of glow in the dark football may lie in the choice of footwear by each side. We’re going to explore this idea a little further to try shed some light on this unanswered question.

Imagine on one side of the pitch, the old school greats, with the likes of Maradona, Shearer, Maldini, Carragher and Van der Sar. Then on the other side, todays stars including Ronaldo, Messi, Ramos, Boateng and De Gea.











The choice of footwear between these two teams could differ due to the era they played in. For example the old school team will have worn the classic plain black boots while in their prime. However todays stars are wearing very bright, very flashy style boots that make them stand out on the pitch.

Now here’s where the game may be won when it comes to playing in the dark. Wearing their bright footwear could give today’s players an advantage as they will be more visible to their teammates, compared to the old school black boots which will have no visibility at all.

So when you come and take part in the Globall experience, choose your footwear wisely. It could be the difference between winning and losing!