Olympic Parade

It was the Rio Olympic parade in Manchester on Monday and we were lucky enough to be there. Fans packed out the streets of Manchester to get a glimpse of the Team GB Olympians and Paralympians, and to cheer them on given their huge success in this year’s Olympics. It’s not every day you get to be so close to the stars of Team GB, possibly a once in a lifetime experience which if you get the chance to do in the future, you should definitely take the opportunity.

The convoy of athletes was led by an amazing red white and blue lion holding a rather impressive lit torch, followed by a large set of drummers creating a really upbeat atmosphere. Then came all of the athletes, waving and taking videos of the crowd on their floats. Many of which had medals hanging from round their necks from their successes in the Olympics. The convoy seemed to go on for ages, float after float, and full of athletes that have done the country proud.

The only down point of the parade was that the weather took a turn for the worse, with a rather big downpour happening as the athletes went past. This didn’t dampen the atmosphere in anyway though, the crowd were still fully embraced in the carnival atmosphere and the Olympians seemed to love it just as much. 

Getting to see great sports stars like Jess Ennis, Jack Laugher and Nicola Adams is such a privilege and really inspiring. Seeing these athletes excel at their sport really motivates us to push the company forward and do more. To learn more about their great achievements check out:


If seeing them doesn’t make you want to get active then I don’t know what will. It doesn’t matter if its swimming, running or even glow in the dark football, being active is a vital part of living a long healthy life.