Small Business Saturday

Globall Sports has now been operating for a few months and we have made very good progress in this short amount of time; hosting three very successful parties and many more booked in the near future, along with the expansion from the Preston venue, adding a venue in Blackpool where we offer our fantastic service.

National Small Business Saturday is happening this weekend and we are celebrating. We are very proud to be a called a small business, it takes a lot of time and effort to run a small business and we love every second of it. The reward for all this hard work we put in makes it all the sweeter for us all. The delight on the kids’ faces after having a party is priceless to us and drives us on to keep providing such a high quality service.

 We here at Globall are always looking to the future. One day we would like to be known for being a small business that made it, and is one of the most successful businesses in the country. We are already looking at where our next venture will be and cannot wait for it to happen. It’s these small steps that we hope will turn us from a small business into a nationwide business. We also have the Christmas period fast approaching and we are going to be very busy. This should help our progression into becoming the number one party provider in the UK.

The future looks very bright for us here at Globall Sports.

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